Monday, June 1, 2009

Luddite-ittude: A Cranky Take on Blog Readers & RSS

Perhaps it's because it's Monday. Perhaps I'm just feeling a little more luddite-ittude than usual. I think I may be suffering from information overload.

Thing 6 was helpful - as I'd heard the term "blog reader" & never checked it out before, due to laziness & afore mentioned luddite-ittude. I still don't see how this saves time versus just adding a blog to your favorites in IE. (she said, crankily).

For Thing 7, a problem is that - due to a City IT issue - many staff PC internet browsers have not been upgraded past IE6 - which doesn't provide for RSS subscriptions. So we'll do it at home. If you're like me, the sites you subscribe to will not all be work related. I'm following some of my workmates 23Thing blogs - as well as a local news feed, some random celebrity gossip (a shameful habit), and a thing called The Hound Blog that I don't even remember how I came to it but I think it's cool. I suppose I should subscribe to something to do with issues in the profession - not that I'll ever have time to read it. (Hrrmph)


  1. But the great thing about RSS is you can scan the article titles and see if there is anything of interest. You don't have to read everything.
    Check out this article 10 librarian Blogs to read in 2009

  2. Thanks, Patty. Will do. I'm much less cranky this week.